The 10 Best Free Invoicing Software in 2022

Are you entrepreneur looking professional software to invoice your customers? The only downside is that your company has a tight budget and you don’t want to invest in a paid solution yet. Good news: in 2022, it’s easy to find free and effective invoicing software.

Depending on your needs, there are many tools offering a wide variety of features. Whether you are looking for a simple invoice template to complete or a more complete solution to assist you in your commercial management and accounting, there is now everything!

To facilitate your search, we have therefore listed the 10 best free invoicing software available on the market. Discover our selection now!

How to choose invoicing software?

In 2022, it’s hard to find your way around the vast choice of quote and invoice tools on the market. Especially when you want free invoicing software , because whoever says free also means giving up on certain advantages of more complete software. So what should you watch first ?

Ease of use

First of all, for this type of software, ease of handling is generally at the heart of the priorities. The idea is to go quickly and to the essential in order to save time on administrative management. Therefore interfaces that are clear , intuitive and easy to master. The presence of support customer responsive and available is also a big plus when needed.

Online accessibility

Today, online software , known SaaS , is multiplying and offers a huge advantage over downloadable software. Running on the Cloud, they are accessible everywhere , from any digital medium (smartphone, tablet, etc.). Your data is stored on secure servers , which reduces the risk of loss.

Commercial follow-up

Invoicing doesn’t stop with creating quotes and invoices, and there are several tools that can help you run your business better on a day-to-day basis . Accounting, monitoring of commercial activity, catalog of products and services, management of customers and suppliers, editing of additional administrative documents… Do not hesitate to decipher the features additional offered.

Adapted features

Finally, depending on your profession, specialized features can be very useful. Building craftsmen can, for example, turn to site monitoring and the calculation of margins , as offered by the Obat invoicing software . Physicians and other healthcare professionals, for their part, will favor appointment management and automatic processing of medical forms .

To find your free invoicing software , it is best to make a list of your current needs. Also think about your professional situation:

  • Does your self-employed activity only represent a few hours of work per month ? Go for the simplest and most basic: the idea is to save time, not waste it!
  • Are you at the head of a small or medium-sized company with several employees? Then favor more complete solutions, offering commercial support, or even additional paid options. 

Top 10 Best Free Invoicing Software in 2022

Let’s now move on to our top 10 of the best free invoicing software available in 2022. Between performance, practicality, compliance and ease of use, each of these tools stands out in its own way.

Let’s start with , created by the freelancing site It is therefore logical that this free invoicing software is aimed at freelancers and self-employed workers. It works online and has the advantage of being certified in accordance with the VAT anti-fraud law , a point that is always reassuring even if you are not concerned. 

After a quick registration, offers you to create quotes and invoices that can then be exported in different formats . It has a small CRM , not very advanced but appreciable to facilitate commercial monitoring.

The management of customers and activity (appointments, emails) are therefore part of its functionalities. It also stands out with the “business opportunities” which allows it to analyze its forecast turnover by noting potential contracts, the amount in € associated with each one and the % probability of winning the contract.

A simple and easy-to-use tool, which according to its creators will always remain free. Note however that apart from an FAQ available on the site, there is no customer service .


Accessible online and certified compliant, Kolirys is a free estimate and invoice software published by the Lyon-based web agency Lensscape FR.

In addition to the classic functions such as the generation of invoices, estimates and credit notes, sending them by email and the creation of customer files, it allows the calculation of monthly social charges according to the turnover generated and the legal status. It is also equipped with a planning and task list to better organize yourself professionally.

It also has a catalog of optional extensions for those who wish to complete the software, including a contract generator or the analysis of detailed statistics . If you are a healthcare professional, you will find an online appointment booking for your patients.


professional software Zervant is now present on the European market . Its customer support is also available in 5 languages ! Known for its great ease of use, it aims to be as intuitive as possible.

Although it also has a premium version, the free account is still quite interesting. It allows unlimited invoicing and building a database customer/product You will also have access to activity monitoring through the generation of sales reports , accounting export and notifications during a late payment.

And if you ever feel the need to step up a gear, you can always upgrade to Zervant’s premium solution.


Impossible not to mention Henrir in this top, one of free invoicing software on the most popular Developed in 2016 by the Rivalis group, it is intended for the employed and for VSEs and SMEs who do not necessarily have the means to afford a professional solution.

Complete and scalable, this SaaS tool offers around 40 modules , including the creation of invoices and quotes with mandatory information, the recovery of unpaid and even a management tool with a view of its activity.

It has no usage limit, and unlike many freewares, its freeware does not depend on advertising. In fact, he is paid through various options and additional paid modules , such as downloading documents to his computer or online payment by credit card.

If the customizable dashboard on the home page is appreciable, although it can however be criticized for the lack of intuitiveness and the complexity of its editing tool . Moreover, it still does not have a mobile application and its accounting functionality remains very basic (you will not be able to edit a VAT declaration or manage your suppliers).


Unlike previous solutions, Kafeo is not accessible online but must be downloaded directly to your computer . Rather intended for individual entrepreneurs, all statuses or sectors combined (merchants, craftsmen, liberals), it offers two versions , one free and one paid (79€ HT for lifetime access with updates included).

Let it be said, the free version of Kafeo is very basic . It is thus equipped with two main functionalities: the edition of quotes/invoices and the management of contacts. The latter includes the creation of files, their classification in different categories (customers, prospects, partners, suppliers, etc.) and the centralization of exchanges.

As you would expect from downloadable software, the interface is sorely lacking in modernity . If however you are not comfortable with cloud solutions and prefer a tool to install, this may be an option to dig into.


We return to the online software with Sinao , a tool that is aimed at any type of entrepreneur: company, self-entrepreneur, craftsman, VSE and SME.

Several types of subscription are available according to your needs: free (free), start, standard and pro. The free formula is limited to a single user, 5 purchases and 5 invoices per month (i.e. 60 per year).

The sending by mail and the follow-up of the payments are also included in it. For functions such as bank synchronization, the creation of status invoices or purchase orders , it will however be necessary to go through one of the paid versions.

We like its modern and worked design , where we feel a real effort to make the user experience pleasant. According to user reviews, chat support is quite responsive , which is always a good point.

If you have few clients or do your business part-time, then the free version of this software may be a good option. If you are unsure about the choice of the formula, know that it is possible to test all the features thanks to the free one-month trial.


Originally, Coover was an insurance broker for businesses and the self-employed. In order to diversify its service offer, it also provides various free professional tools, including an invoice generator .

The advantage is that there is no need to create an account to use the generator. Simply go to the tool and a invoice template ready-to-fill This one is well done, simple yet professional looking.

A few settings allow you to customize the lines : presence or not of VAT, choice of the VAT rate to apply, variable rate or not, unit and quantity columns, color of the boxes… A basic solution, but which can be a good one. alternative to Excel or Word.

With , the key word is simplicity . Very basic, this free estimate and invoice software has the merit of going straight to the point. Here, no fuss: as soon as you arrive on the home page, you are offered to create the commercial document of your choice.

On the invoice side, you have 3 options: classic invoice, invoice without VAT and invoice entered including VAT. Once on the editing tool, all you have to do is fill in the corresponding boxes with your billing information. You can then save it or download it directly.

Like Coover, you don’t have to register to use the tool. However, without registration, your data will not be kept . In addition, no legal notices appear on the invoice: they will have to be added manually. So watch out for omissions!


myAE defines itself as free invoicing software for micro-entrepreneurs. This SaaS solution offers a total of 3 subscription formulas , two of which are paid but very affordable compared to competitors (less than €10/month for the premium offer).

With the standard version , you can edit as many invoices and quotes as you want, manage your customers and suppliers and issue reminders in the event of non-payment. It also includes the integration of product/service catalogs and the analysis of turnover : a range of services therefore respectable for a free offer.

On the other hand, you will not have access to technical support, which can be problematic if needed. In addition, the interface, very outdated , would need a redesign in terms of design.


we end with Clicfacture , a free certified invoicing software whose servers and customer service are located exclusively in France. The FREE offer of clicfacture is rather limited: it is limited to 25 documents per year and to a single user, without VAT management.

To be reserved for small non-taxable structures and self-employed people benefiting from the VAT exemption.

In addition, customer service is done by email only and you will have the mention “clicfacture” displayed on your invoice. This last point is not in itself a problem but can bother some people. Apart from its free version, ClicFacture also offers several formulas , ranging from 72€ to 150€/year, which is still really reasonable.

And that’s it for this ranking of the 10 most efficient tools on the market. Ideal for small budgets, free invoicing software allows you to get started in entrepreneurship without investing hundreds of euros immediately. And once you feel more comfortable financially , nothing prevents you from then opting for paid software. Because don’t forget that an estimate and invoice software can be a real investment, very beneficial and profitable for your company. Chosen with care and with adapted features , it can save you a lot of time and money on a daily basis! 

There are other free billing programs to download that are worth considering. I’ll list them for you below.

  • MicroInvoices Extra ( Windows ) – is a very simple program to use thanks to which it is possible to create and archive free commercial invoices. Its interface is not very advanced, and it does not integrate many functions, but this makes it extremely intuitive and easy to use. It is not very suitable for large professional areas, but it is practically perfect for small businesses or domestic needs. It also allows you to create credit notes, quotes and packing slips.
  • Phasis ( Windows / macOS / Linux ) – this is not a software specifically designed to create invoices, but a complete solution for managing the activity of offices, warehouses, craft shops, etc. Its basic version is completely free, translated into Italian and distributed under an open source license. The program offers all the tools you need to run your business. It allows you to make inventories, manage customers and suppliers, monitor income / expenses, generate statistics and catalog all tax documents relating to your business, including invoices, and much more.
  • Microsoft Excel ( Windows / macOS ) – it is not really classifiable as a free invoice program, since it is paid, but considering that it is present on all PCs equipped with the Windows operating system, it must be said that it is a perfect solution to create invoices even for less experienced users. In fact, it has many free templates that can be downloaded from the Internet and customized with your data to obtain invoices with automatic calculations ready for printing and / or delivery. The program is part of the Microsoft 365 subscription service (formerly Office 365 ) which you can try for free for 30 days (it also includes the rest of the Office package), after which you have to subscribe from 7 euros / month. More info here .
  • LibreOffice ( Windows / macOS / Linux ) – is a free and open source alternative to Microsoft Office. also includes Calc , an excellent spreadsheet software that plays the role of counterpart to Excel excellently. Well, just like the famous Microsoft software, LibreOffice can also count on ready-to-use templates that allow you to create invoices in just a few clicks.

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