11 Types of HR Software and How to Implement Them

There are different types of HR software on the market, each of which meets the different needs of companies in human resource management. 

The functions of an HR department are many and varied. They can range from recruiting to designing business training plans. a Human Resource Management software wide range of tasks. But which one to choose? And how many types of personnel management software are there?

What is Human Resources Software?

Human resource management software is nothing more than a program designed to optimize a company’s personnel management. It considerably facilitates the monitoring of the different components that become part of HR management, saving time and economic resources.

There is a large variety of types of HR software that allow HR officers to more effectively address each of the different tasks involved in their job. 

The Advantages of Using HR Software

By implementing one or more HR software you can have more resources to dedicate to other important business processes, generating greater value.

Using a software for the management of employees you can also reduce operating costs and make your company more competitive, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to managing human resources in the best way. But beyond these advantages there is more! Different types of HR software offer a variety of benefits:

  • Productivity improvement : obviously, when a company has more resources, both financial and human, to undertake its tasks there is usually an increase in productivity. Employees can spend more time on the most important aspects of their work and improve their job performance.
  • Greater security of corporate data : the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) obliges companies to be much more careful in the processing and protection of personal data. State-of-the-art human resources software facilitates compliance with all applicable regulations.
  • Improvement in decision-making processes : HR managers have to make many decisions every day, they can directly influence both the future of employees and candidates, as well as that of the company itself. By having more information at your fingertips when it comes time to make decisions, you can ensure that you are making more accurate decisions.
  • Comprehensive overview : which employees need the most training, which have generated the most sales for the company, which have increased or decreased their performance in the last period? All these questions are easily answered when the data can be analyzed through a personnel management program.
  • More efficient communication : the information generated by the different HR software can be shared with all employees and departments within a company. In this way, the exchange of data is more precise and faster and also facilitates better communication within the company. 

11 Types of HR Software

The benefits we have just talked about are the direct result of implementing the most appropriate HR software for the specific needs of each company. And it is precisely because these needs are constantly changing, there are so many types of software for human resources. Below, we’ve put together a list of the most important ones.

Human Resource Management Software | Search and selection of personnel

processes Personnel recruitment are the ones that usually take the most time within HR departments. The evaluation of potential candidates cannot be based on mere intuition or on the feelings of the recruiter, but several elements must be taken into consideration. 

Good recruiting and recruiting software is able to process information from a large number of databases, considerably increasing the spread of job vacancies and, at the same time, creating its own database with the best candidates. At the same time, these personnel management software can generate notifications or reminders to help you meet deadlines for each of the HR processes in place. 

Human Resources Software | Staff evaluation

One of the most sensitive issues in any HR department is employee performance evaluation. The results of this employee performance analysis affect a large number of business decisions. An employee is first hired, then evaluated in the performance of his job (verifying that he performs what is required by his job) and, in case of problems, he must be trained. 

Personnel assessment software will help you identify who are the best talents in the company and which aspects or skills need to be strengthened or implemented.

In a broader sense, companies can prepare for their future challenges by developing training plans or a bonus system for the best employees. Of course, these activities send a clear message to all staff as a whole. Top performers are rewarded. Employees who do not demonstrate sufficient performance will only be able to do their best. 

You will be able to track both increases and decreases in performance through the software. This will increase the sense of motivation of employees, who know their efforts will be taken into account by executives and managers. 

Human Resource Management Software | Staff training management

Constant employee training has never been more important than in today’s context The growing digitalization of work and commercial relations forces workers to keep their skills constantly updated in order to be able to respond promptly to new market demands. Consequently, companies cannot neglect this aspect which, however, is not always easy to manage. 

A staff training management software allows you to monitor the training of each employee and identify the main gaps and strengths , as well as those of all staff as a whole.

HR software of this type allows HR managers to recommend the implementation of specific training plans , as well as to suggest possible role changes within the staff. Likewise, it is much easier to decide which profiles will need to be hired in the company’s future selection processes. 

Personnel Management Software | Business questionnaires

What if the best opinions on how to lead a project came internally from the company itself ? Corporate surveys provide a very accurate picture of employee views on a wide range of issues.

Job satisfaction questionnaire software has multiple applications, as many as the number of questions that can be asked of your employees. For example, you can measure the impact of a certain business decision , to deepen its implications or decide to change course. 

Of course, the opinions of employees do not necessarily have to be binding, but it is always interesting to be able to analyze them to better guide decisions in the company. Human resources software that allows you to send questionnaires online is especially important in larger companies or with multiple subsidiaries, in cases where it is not so easy to exchange views personally with each employee.

Business questionnaires also provide insight into the business climate, which is critical to the company’s productivity and employee job satisfaction. 

HR Software | Time management

In large companies, managing working hours and attendance is often a constant source of difficulties and setbacks for HR managers.

How do you know exactly if an employee has respected his hours ? What is best to do when you notice a decrease in productivity due to a failure to respect working hours? How do you deal with employee complaints about colleagues who don’t always meet their hours?

Monitoring (without excessive checks or forcing) the working hours of your employees is important to keep motivation and professional growth high. You can help your staff to optimize the use of their time and the company to enforce the rules. 

The best aspect of human resource management software of this type is the ease of attendance registration through a completely flexible method for any type of company. Either through an app for employees or via the web, or through a weekly mass upload or with a stamping system even for overtime in the most rigid cases.

Human resources management software that integrates completely with all methods of access and control of personnel can allow the detection of attendance through fingerprints, cards, workstations with tablets or biometric recognition. 

Human Resources Software | Shift management

In addition to recording attendance, hours and monitoring employee performance, a company may also need to plan staff shifts.

working hours in an organized manner each employee rest shifts and respecting current regulations and organizing everything easily is extremely important (especially if the number of employees starts to increase). 

The easiest way to make shift planning easier is to rely on technology. A shift management system can allow you to manage your team completely online, verifying the hours worked, checking if the shifts are respected and creating notifications in case of changes and new assignments.

You can also automatically generate rotating shifts without wasting time and making it easier for you to manage the hours of your company. Each employee can check their working hours on their smartphone via the employee app and managers don’t have to waste time creating shifts manually. This way, you can ensure compliance with labor legislation by maintaining legally valid time records. 

HR Software | Vacation and Leave Management

In the previous paragraph we talked about the importance of being sure to respect the timetables and regulations regarding absences and working hours. This type of human resources software simplifies the management of the work calendar, allowing your company to distribute in an organized and strategic way the holidays and days off of your employees. 

When an employee communicates his desire to take a day off for justified reasons, this human resource management software facilitates the reorganization of different working hours so that this absence does not affect the productivity of your company.

Depending on the employee’s role, department and period, even a single absence can create organizational problems , especially if you do not have a software for managing holidays and leave . In any case, it is mainly up to the managers to monitor this aspect for each of the members of their team so as to ensure the achievement of the expected objectives. 

Human Resources Software | HR Analytics

More and more data is generated every day, and companies are required to ensure that this data is handled properly. In addition to the more severe penalties (such as those concerning the violation of the GDPR), bad data management can also lead to problems from an operational point of view. 

There are multiple possibilities to classify, segment and visualize the data, generating important databases for both archiving and consultation. With this information, your business will be able to make more efficient decisions without having to spend too much time on this task.

HR Analytics software optimizes this task for you and allows you to collect and analyze your data in a faster and more targeted way.

When a large amount of documentation is generated, storing and retrieving it can take valuable time that could be spent on other tasks. Each employee or department approaches this issue differently, which can make future document management difficult.

Personnel Management Software | Document Management

When a large amount of documents are generated, archiving and retrieving them quickly can take more time than you think, which could be spent on other tasks. Each employee or department approaches this issue differently, which can make document management more complex than it should be. 

Document management software makes searching for documents more agile , reduces management costs (thanks to the time saved) and allows you to consult files of any type, at any time, wherever you are.

Thanks to the possibility of remote archiving via cloud HR systems , human resources departments will have 24/7 access to all documents stored online in a cloud HR system. This type of HR software adapts to the size of any company.

Other Types of Human Resource Management Software | Organization chart and employee database

Other types of useful HR software are those that allow you to create and define a database of employees and the organizational structure of a company . Both are very useful for both centralizing staff information and simplifying decision-making processes. 

The corporate organization chart helps to manage the operational and hierarchical structure of a company, record permissions, define who is responsible for what, verify the people who make up each department or project and ensure the proper functioning of each team and department. 

With an employee database , your company will have access to an automated and easily accessible register in which to store all necessary employee data to ensure the smooth running of business processes. Furthermore, it will be possible to create reports both for the selection of the personnel that makes up the company or for legal issues. 

Personnel Management Software | HR portal

As is often the case in universities, even at company level it is possible to create reserved areas dedicated to human resources managers and employees. An HR portal does just that: to give everyone access to the HR software according to their needs.

An automated program that reduces the most repetitive tasks related to totally online personnel management. Each employee will have direct access to the content, resources and tools most useful for carrying out their work, while HR managers will be able to coordinate everything much more efficiently.

Such software simplifies even the most common business processes, such as absence or leave management, with the help of intuitive notifications and request systems.

Complementing the possibilities offered by other types of human resources software, employees can, for example, update their personal information, monitor the completion of their tasks , take training courses, record their attendance or review the evaluation of their performance.

On the other hand, team leaders will be able to automate the most administrative tasks, permissions, access to different types of tasks and documents: in a nutshell, they will be able to simplify all the processes related to the supervision of team members to dedicate more time on the most important activities for the company.

Human Resources Software: How to Implement Them

The most recent analyzes on this topic show that a large part of Italian companies have not yet opted for the implementation of any of these types of HR software. Despite this, the trend is gradually changing.

In fact, in recent years, the sector has seen significant growth, and more and more medium and large companies are starting to exploit this technology.

The main reasons are to be found in the competitive advantage it provides, allowing companies to simplify (and refine) their processes.

To properly implement HR software, it is advisable to examine in detail the characteristics of your company to find the solutions that best fit your specific organizational and business model. Once this analysis is done, there are several ways to introduce software into an HR department.

  • Install each program on physical devices . Disused (and ineffective) option: This option is starting to fall into disuse as it forces you to use a specific physical device to manage your HR software. All of this also makes the interaction between departments and employees, as well as the passage of information, more difficult.
  • Through a cloud hr system (most efficient option): we have already analyzed some of the main advantages of using a cloud system. This is the most used option by companies as it guarantees greater flexibility, automatic system updates and facilitates remote access to all necessary information. An ALL-IN-ONE . Just like the one offered by our human resources software. 

Beyond the Different Types of HR Software

Having described all the various types of human resource management software on the market, it is worth mentioning that the application of technology in the field of human resources is relatively recent .

We refer, for example, to the birth of gamification tools , the implementation of virtual reality systems and also the most innovative neurotechnologies applied to the field of research and selection.

These HR challenges are sure to continue to streamline processes and improve the experience of recruiters and employees . Furthermore, we cannot lose sight of the implication linked to the birth of new professional profiles such as Big Data experts.

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